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The most comprehensive treasury solution in Italy

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Number of active installations: 2.500

ERP integrated: 300

Turnover: 8 Mln of €


DocFinance produces DocFinance, the most used TMS in Italy with more than 2.500 active installations. DocFinance helps company to connect their ERP system to the bank’s system, after saving a lot of time in administrative process, they can realize online financial analysis like cash flow forecasting, net financial position and so on.


DocFinance Expertise:


DocFinance Srl produces ideas and tools for enterprise financial management, treasury and credit management :


DocFinance -Treasury Management System

DocCredit – Credit management system


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Centrus is an independent financial services group that believes in finance with purpose. 


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What DOCFINANCE can do for you :

Ageing reports and accounting deadlines,
Check banking conditions,
Net debt, cash and credit projections,
Cash flow (projections and statements),
Optimise payment and collection slips,
Cash Pooling, Account Name, Centralisation of funds,
Volume and cost statistics,
CBI, SEPA, SWIFT, ACH and EBICS standard integration,
Integration with over 300 ERP's ;
We receive from ERP: records and deadlines | We return to ERP: Prime Entry

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The TMS for small and medium enterprises

DocFinance is the TMS for small and medium enterprises. It includes internet-banking corporate system and it’s perfectly integrated with the most used ERP systems. If you have more companies with different currencies and your business is in more nations DocFinance allow you to manage the finance of your company. All the bank activities are managed in DocFinance: credit lines, mortgages, loans, financials, guarantees, etc.

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Benefits :

DocFinance has a lot of integrations with third party services. With DocFinance hub our customers could enter in a marketplace with a lot of services integrated in their treasury systems a lot of services like: Afex, Western Union business solutions, Findynamic, Exalog, Tas Group, etc.
We’re still developing the hub of interconnections.

Services and functionalities that you provide to your customers thanks to titantreasury solution.
From today with the strong integration between Titan Treasury and DocFinance you will manage all derivative and financial instruments integrated with your cash management workflow.

The benefits to pass through DOCFINANCE?

The real added value of DocFinance is the complete integration with a lot of ERP systems and also the inclusion of a corporate banking system. Introducing DocFinance in your company you will have a well clear and defined administrative process allow you saving a lot of money and time.


titantreasury is an innovative solution in SaaS and in-house


Credit risk, Liquidity risk, Financing, Investments, Private Placements, Cautions & Guarantees, Interest rate derivatives, Cash, Budget, Hedge efficiency, Commodity hedging, Foreign exchange, Currencies derivatives and more.


Key benefits:

  • Fully automated reporting
  • Proprietary valuation engine
  • Historical & projected cashflows
  • Calculations of current & future payments
  • Automated payment confirmations
  • IFRS 13 & IFRS 9 compliant
  • Regulatory reporting and EMIR
  • Hedge Accounting Support 
  • Data & document repository
  • Bespoke reporting
Titantreasury functionalities innovative solution in saas and in-house

titantreasury main benefits:


titantreasury is designed to meet and exceed your objectives as a complete debt and risk management platform. Recognised benefits are:
  • Bring clarity and security to your front-to-back processes
  • More reliability in the production of your data and your results
  • Better and faster financial and regulatory statements to deliver
Our experts deliver innovative services that support customers in securing and automating their management process, as well as in acquiring new know-how or simply to drive their daily cash-flow business.

Manage your financial strategy from
your budget, your debt and follow your covenants


titantreasury displays the global exposure on foreign exchange and interest rate risk and on the cash position and outstanding short and long-term financing and investments.

The solution enables the company’s senior management to evaluate opportunities while controlling risks, as well as managing financial strategies by integrating the treasury budget compared with the level of debt of the company.

titantreasury measures and allows treasurers to anticipate their financial risks by following covenants and controlling liquidity risks.


Risk Management essentials to help you save time,
human and financial resources.


Operation Workflow


Valuation & Postion Analysis


Estimated Budget & Cash-flow Forecast


Risk Analytics


Financial Data


Payment schedules and Accounting


Audit & Security


Expert Support

A powerful treasury calendar to help organise your day, month and year

View your cash events in a calendar format showing upcoming events such as cashflow interest and capital payments, trade maturity and fixings.

Easily set task alerts that will show on your dashboards. Manage your workflow via specific designated tasks. Save time and be more efficient.

Your contact at DocFinance


Aldo is the head of marketing in DocFinance.

After the bachelor’s degree in economy and business administration he moved to Reggio Emilia where he take the master’s degree in Management and Business communication.

Since 2015 He has been worked in DocFinance and he takes care of marketing and sales activities in the company.

From 2018 he takes care also of new partnership around European, US and Canadian countries.   


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